الإعلان عن الحلقة الرابعة من بات مان تيلتيلز الموسم الثاني

أعلنت تيلتيلز عن موعد إصدار الحلقة الرابعة من الموسم الثاني للعبة بات مان العدو بالداخل بعنوان WHAT ALIS YOU

الحلقة ستصدر في ٢٣ يناير ٢٠١٨ على جميع المنصات في الوقت نفسه

رأيكم في السلسلة الى الان؟

تحديد موعد إصدار الحلقة الثالثة من بات مان الموسم الثاني

أعلنت تيلتيلز عن تحديد موعد إصدار الحلقة الثالثة للعبة بات مان الموسم الثاني ( العدو بالداخل ) بإسم Fractured Mask في تاريخ ٢١ نوفمبر الحالي

الحلقة ستتوفر بشكل مجاني لاصحاب التذكرة الموسمية او تستطيع شراؤها مفردة ب ٦.٩٩$

شاهد العرض الرسمي للحلقة

Review of Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1

TellTale has recently released the first episode of its new gaming series “Batman”

Telltale’s games are well known for their adaptation of famous stories and turning them into a point and click games that provide a different story perspective for the gamer.

Batman’s first episode Realm of Shadows will provide Batman fans with a different experience by focusing more on Bruce Wayne instead of his alter ego Batman. The story starts off with a younger version of Bruce Wayne and his social life in Gotham City. Bruce seemed blinded by his will to ensure justice in Gotham which makes might make him cross the thin line of being Gotham’s savor or its Vigilante.

The conversation options are tricky as the gamer cannot get a feel if the sentence chosen is right or wrong. In previous TellTale games, the different selected conversation lines of decisions did not make a lot of difference as it led to the same ending for each game. However, I’m hoping it will be different for Batman..the only way to find out is when the rest of the episodes are out to see the consequences of the decisions I’ve made earlier. Besides selecting conversations, there are fighting scenes that will require a fast reaction to ensure Batman is actually doing his job of protecting Gotham. Also, since Batman is known for his detective skills, the gamer will be able to investigate and solve crime scenes

The story is dark and interesting which makes the gamer eager to play the rest of the episodes. The gameplay felt too short (around 2 hours) since it was filled with exiting events and story development.

The first episode included a lot of Gotham’s well known characters such as Cat Woman, Alfred, Harvey Dent and more. When it comes the voice acting, I liked Troy Baker more as Bruce Wayne but when it comes to him as Batman I found myself cringe when Batman uses the voice enhancer to change his voice…it sounded more like a Robot instead of Batman.

I enjoyed the first game and I would rate it 8/10 ..hoping for better story development in the next episode!

Telltales of Batman release date is finally announced !



YEAH !!!!!

Since Video Games Awards 2015 and we’re checking everyday about any news for the next series of telltale games : Batman ( wooow )

Today , they finally spoke !

The game is coming so soon ! it’s just next month ! Yep ! On this  August !!

Not only that , the game is coming physically and digitally as well

Retailers release date will be on 13 September 2016 



The physical edition will include episode 1 and an access to the other 4 episdoes ( total 5 )

And here’s the first official trailer of the game : 


Can you wait !? sure you can’t ! =D



It’s Not Just VR, It’s VR + Batman!!


Have ever wonder what will you do if you look at the mirror and what you see isn’t yourself…. it is BATMAN!!!

Come on admit it, we all dreamed about being Batman at lest once … will dream no more because Playstation VR & Rocksteady are about to turn that dream into reality, ladies and gentlemen allow me to present to you Batman: Arkham VR:

the game was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference, developed by Rocksteady exclusively on PlaystationVR planed be a lunch title for PlaystationVR when it lunch in October.

If you played any of the previous Batman Arkham games before, than you’re familiar with the detective mode, this will be the focus of the game ,looking around for clues, finding the truth and solving mystery since you are The World’s Greatest Detective … you are BATMAN!

if you are hungry for more information, you can check out the playstation livechat with the developer down below




Batman Return to Arkham Announced !

here’s  good news for all those who have been waiting to play Batman since the last part ” Arkham knight’ was the very last part  of the story line of the game !

Today Warner cut all the rumors and announced the previous two parts ” Arkham Asylum ” and ” Arkham city ” is coming both to current generation PS4/Xbox one  in one disc and yeah ! it’s coming this summer ! and exactly 26th of July

the game will use Unreal engine 4 and pictures looks promising ! ( hope no drop in frame-rate)

the disc includes all the DLCs that have been released ! and it’s for 49.99$


This summer is one of the hottest summer ever been for gamers! we barely can catch a breath ! but we ” heroes ” are always busy saving the universe aren’t we =’D !

Review : Batman Arkham Knight

Advantages : 

I’ve never expected the game to be this good.. fantastic story , stunning visual scenes..

I liked everything in this game..

– featuring Batmobile is a new cool thing specially the driving is cool unlike other games like Watch dogs was disaster ????

they really made it cool and easy – characters oh characters.. If you’re a batman fan this game story is what we all would love to see..( can’t say anymore)

Disadvantages : 

The only disadvantage I’d say is if you’re not a fan of batman games/movies/comics then this game is not for you.. You won’t feel anything towards characters.. And it depends a lot on previous part ” batman Arkham city ”

– and yeah I miss Batman the movie voice actor ????

Conclusion :

Make sure you have finished Arkham city before going into this and if you’re a fan of Batman.. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR D:

Well done Warner Bros ???????????????? a game that stridently challenging ” Game of the Year ” title.