A new Adopter for 3DS port to lightening/Micro B



Good news to 3DS owners !

Gametecwh, a Japanese company ,  has released a new adopter that let you use your Lighting cable ( iPhone charger ) or Micro B cable to 3DS port ! we all know that the new 3DS comes without power adopter !! and also it’s too annoying for 3DS users to carry out 3DS special charger wherever they go or even at home it block an outlet ! suffering is over !

This new adopter works with 3DS/New 3DS all sizes


not only that !

they also have released same adopter for PSVITA 2000 ( slim model only )

Alongside with WiiU gamepad too !

these accessaries spread widely so fast cuz it’s needed INDEED specially if you got all these devices like me ~___~