Review : Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance

Disgaea 5 was released on March 26 2015 exclusively on PS4. It stayed original to its roots, same cartoonish graphics, complicated game play and funny voice acting. As always, the story makes no sense what so ever but the game play is addicting like hell.


Cartoonish 3D graphic as it always has been. Which serves the game well. If you are used to the series you will have no complains here. It feels more like a handheld game when it comes to graphic.


Disagea was never known for good stories. I found myself skipping most of the dialog at the start of the game. As the game progress , you will get more attached to the characters. The game will tell a background story about each of the six mean characters.  If you liked the character you will find yourself interested to know more about them.


Fighting soundtracks are so addicting, it will stick to your head as you enjoy the one of a kind fighting system of the game.

Soundtracks at the base however, are enjoyable at first but after tens of hours you will get board of them. For me, I found myself muting my TV when I am at the base most of the time.


Gameplay is the strongest feature in Disgaea. It is engaging as it ever was. The game is bigger than ever. Tons of classes and with the new feature were you can pay money to level up your characters no class will be lift behind. Whenever you unlocked a new class go-ahead and spend some money  to level that class up and take him/her with you to the battle field.

Due to the large roster of characters, each having his own set of skills, two players will never end up have the same set of preferred characters. No character on this game is irreplaceable. Out of the six main characters, I am only using 3. I have replaced the rest with characters that I bought or joined my army during the game.

There is a lot to test and enjoy in this game. So playing hours could be as much as you want. So far, I have played for 30 hours. I believe I might be half way done with the game. In these 30 hours I have been doing main story quests only and avoiding side quests. If you add those, you would double the gameplay time easily.

Squads system is a new addition to the game. Now you are able to assign your characters to squads were they will have special/common ability within that squad. One squad for example, can capture take enemies prisoners. Once they reach your base, it is up to you what to do with them. You can integrate them, torcher them or let them serve at your base.  Another squad makes all its members giants for three turns, which can flip the course of the battle

Below is a trailer of the game:-