Dreamcast is Dead… Again?!


Dreamcast was the last home video game console made by Sega on  1998 – 1999 despite being loved by so many people until now, it was unfortunately a huge market failure, causing Sega to drop the bomb and kill it within 3 years, making it oneeds of the shortest life cycle of consoles, its huge  impact have forced Sega to leave the home video game console to the hugely successful Sony’s Playstation 2, and the Nintendo’s GameCube alongwise with Microsoft’s Xbox.

Despite its market failure, Dreamcast was and still loved by a lot of gamers, and its undeniably had some of the greatest game of all time, it was a pice from the future!

Well, we are not here to analysis the reason of its death, we are here to talk about how it’s died again!

After years of fans struggling to prove to Sega that Dreamcast wasn’t a wrong move, here comes “Project Dream“.


Project Dream is a move to bring Sega back into the home video game console once more, through the release of Dreamcast 2 ! A console designed and supported by Fans all over the world, the had a team full of people with deferent talent, the even had UI Prototype! here check it out


Looks cool right ? Well , unfortunately “Project Dream” is dead ! and so is our dream!

So how did it happen ? how did it die ? did Sega shut it down? Surprisingly no! It was shut down due to internal conflict between the team members ! Here is the official statement of the team

The project has been taken offline. This is due to a schism within the team caused by inefficient and amateurish conduct resulting in members being removed and others leaving the team. In light of such unprofessional behavior and an embarrassing lack of progress, seasoned members of the gaming industry have chosen to distance themselves from the project. I too am stepping away from Project Dream. Please note the Twitter account @Project_DreamDC is no longer associated with this group.

Well , THIS IS SAD!, It looks like the dream of a new Sega home console will remain a dream….. at least for now!