Final Fantasy XII remastered officially announced !



It’s been almost a year since   composer Arnie Roth  at Distant Worlds said ” Final Fantasy XII remake is coming ”

and since that time we didn’t hear anything about the project

Today, finally they’re back to the truck and announced details about the game :

  •  high resolution ( includes Backgrounds, characters models,  cutscenes and fonts )
  • Audio will support 7.1 surround sound.
  • High-Quality voice acting will be included.
  • Both Japanese and English voices will be available as a selection in the options. ( hell yeah ! )
  • Newly recorded Music  , even the original will be available.
  • Loading times will be reduced.
  • Auto-save feature
  • The Turbo Mode

It’s pretty similar to the all remastered games of the franchise ( I really hope they don’t add unlimited HP that ruins the game )

here are some pictures of the game :


check out the official trailer :




Although there’s no clear news wether the game is exclusive to PS4 or not but seems so socially that Playstation blogs has posted about it…

The game is officially coming 2017 ( I expect first quarter  ) , we may see Final Fantasy VII coming too in 2017 !

SquareEnix Store has submitted pre-order page at 49.99$

I believe more news will be available in E3 so stay tune !