Gamescom Or Paris Games Week? Sony Still Unsure!

imageEvery year Sony hold some majors events all around the world, the US/worldwide/ biggest at E3 , The Japanese one in TGS, The newly created PlayStation Experience, and finally Europian One.

In the past Sony used to held it’s Europian conference at Gamescom, that is till last year, where they decided to skip Gamescom in favor of Paris Games Week, due to the shorter than usual time between E3&Gamescom.

So people been wondering, which one is it this year? Gamescom or Paris Game Week? Will, apparently Sony still undecided yet and I quote there words

It’s not decided. It’s a tough one to call. It’s a balancing act between timing, availability of software, announcements to be made. We’ve had a long history of enjoying Gamescom, we went to Paris last year and really enjoyed that with such an iconic venue. So plans are still afoot…

This year Gamescom will be held at August 18th  and Paris Games Week at October 27th. Which one do you prefer? tough call right? Let us know in the comments below and always if you wanna know more keep your eyes on !