Quantum Break Review

Platform :  Xbox one / PC
Type : 3rd Person Shooter
Playtime : 6-7 hs

after each chapter of Quantum Break you will watch 20-minute-long episode if a “live-action Tv show” ambitious try, unfortunately, one that failed!

Advantages :

– beautiful character models
– time power is fun to use .
– Loved the music

Disadvantages :

– stupid filters wasting the beauty of the graphics
–Your decision make a very small  change in story
– the TV show is bad!
– shooting is poor.
–  the story will attract you A LOT at the beginning but , unfortunately it gets really boring by the end…

Conclusion :

Quantum Break tried to remove the line between the live-action Tv show and video games, but in the end neither the video game nor the live-action was huge hit, a midcore game & bad Tv show