Review : Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Platform : PS4/XONE

Type : stealth

Playtime : 21hs
Decent length of the story and Pretty rich in side quests/ stories !

Graphics : 9/10
Graphics has improved noticeably comparing to the latest version ” Unity ” specially during cut-scenes and the gameplay as well for shadows and so

Sounds : 6/10
This game has the best soundtracks of all the franchise but unfortunately they play them in wrong time.. You may only hear them during staying at synchronization point.. Otherwise you barely hear a thing

Story : 6/10

Unfortunately the story of this part is way below expectation , nothing compares to Black Flag or III they made everything right and somehow forgot about making strong story.
Good thing is they try to put some lines to the real time world with no play ( only scenes )

Game Play : 9/10

Part after part the gameplay is being enhanced a lot , specially in this one , movement is much smoother than Unity , easier climbing and so
Proving different kind of weapons is a good idea

Game difficulty : 1/10

Well.. This is the easiest assassin’s creed ever ever.. I can win most of the fights without even looking at the screen.. And unfortunately there’s no Intelligence artificial at all ! Like zero ! Big zero.. I really hope they fix is ASAP

Advantages :

– two characters playable (male/female) is a great idea !
– Stunning graphics details
– Variety of weapons
– Rich in side quests and stories

Disadvantages :

– almost no real difference between the two characters :/ I wish each had its own fighting style and so
– Weak story
– Extremely poor intelligence artificial
– Not challenging
– One single city

Over all 8.1/10

It’s a good game , I enjoyed playing it a lot specially during side quest , amazing graphics and details.
Recommend to play it.