Review : Mad Max

Platform : PS4/Xbox one/ PC
Type : adventure
Playtime : 25hs


welcome to the world of madness ! Once again Max is going through this ruined world looking for gas and vehicle to get out of it !

The story and world of the game is much similar to the movie taking all the advantages and unfortunately the disadvantages as well !

If you’re looking for a widely open world then this game is for you ! But be aware the whole world is desert ! You’re not likely to see beautiful things but sands !

Here is quick points of the game :

Advantages :

– brining mad max world literally is something impressive you’ll really feel the world
– Stunning graphics
– Plenty of side quests
– Exploring , racing , fighting , so many different type of gameplay
Disadvantages :

– Too many glitched ( based on version 1.04 )
– Extremely week story ( excluding the ending )
– Short story mode

Warning : if you’re planning to get platinum for this game , this game is GLITCHED I’ve cleared the whole map and I didn’t get the trophy for that.. Hope they fix it..