Review : Tell tales of Borderlands

Platform : PS3 / PS4 / XBOX360 / XBOX ONE / PC
Type : interactive movie
Playtime : 10hs
Game difficulty : 1/10

Welcome to latest tell tales game which is based on Famous open world shooter game ” Borderlands”

just like any tell tales game , it’s an episodic game devided into 5 episodes and finally it’s all out after more than 10months of waiting..

Advantages :
– Unlike most of the interactive movie games which provide you tragic story and so one , this game is totally hilarious xD full of jokes and funny scenes and action as well !

Disadvantages :

– Your decision almost doesn’t change anything of the story.. Which I see the strongest weak point in the game.
– Toooooooooo much loading screen..
– Pictures tear too much too..

Conclusion :

It’s a funny game , made me laugh a lot I enjoy it.. But unfortunately it’s too many technical problems..
It’s a game for its price !