Review : Until Dawn

End of Untill Dawn
Platform : PS4
Type : interactive movie
Playtime : 12hs
Game difficulty : 3/10

Advantages :
– if you have a tough heart , this game is a real test for you ? the game is full of scare jump ! I barely endured it ??
– The graphics is so stunning ! I really like it !
– The story greatly change upon your choices , unlike some game that only change for a little time or so..
– Full use of Dualshock 4
– Decent story !
– Freak background sounds make the game so thrill
Disadvantages :

– And the only disadvantage is It’s kinda short , not long enough not short.. I classify it ” weekend game ”

conclusion :

A great exclusive PS4 game !

If you still hesitated of grabbing it , stop wasting time and get it ! You won’t regret ! And remember to wear headset ” Sony gold wireless is strongly recommend because they have pre-set for the game ” it will take you to a whole another level !