Steins;Gate 0 is coming to west on PS4 and Vita this year!

Steins;Gate 0

Steins;Gate 0 is a direct sequel to the phenomenal sci-fi time-travel visual novel Steins;Gate, which was originally released  in 2009 on Xbox 360 and only in Japan. but last year on June 2015 we finally got it on PS3 and Vita.

Steins;Gate visual novel was adopted into a 25 episodes anime, one of the most beloved animes of all time!

This year Steins;Gate 0 is coming to PS4 and Vita in the west , the game will cost$49.99 of the Vita version, while the PS4 version will cost $59.99. and if thats wasn’t enough to get you excited it’s gonna be adopted into an anime as well!

if you haven’t played Steins;Gate or watched the anime stop reading now, this is a SPOILER alert ( dude go and play it, it is awesome !)

Steins;Gate 0  follow Rintaro Okabe (same hero form the orginal game) after one of Steins;Gate’s bad endings. after he failed to save the love of his life, driven by anger & depression , he might be able to alter the past once more using the  new AI program called “Amadeus”. some people believed that Steins;Gate 0 is the route that will lead Okabe to have the “2nd chance” in the true happy ending in Steins;Gate after failing to alter the fate of Cristina in the “1st chance” and ultimately reaching the Steins;Gate world.  SPOILERS end here.

personally i’m super excited to see Okabe & Cristina one more time, and if you played the 1st game i’m sure you are also excited as me!,  we will update you with any news about Steins;Gate 0 , until than keep your eyes on

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