The Witcher III: Blood & Wine Reviews Scores


on the 31th of may we will finally be able to play “Blood & Wine”, the 2nd & last DLC for The Witcher III, one of the greatest WRPG of all times, winer of game of the year 2015, highest rated multiplatform  game of the new generation

“Blood & Wine” will look and run better than the base game, will contain more than 30 hours of new gameplay, a new region, over 90 new quests, 40 new points of interest, 14,000 new lines of dialogue, over 30 new weapons, 100 individual pieces of armor, and more than 20 new monsters!

and of all of that is not enough to get you excited check the list of reviews from video games sites all over the world:-


Gamepressure 10/10

PC Gamer9.4/10

Twinfinite 10/10

Destructoid 9/10

Videogamer 9/10

OpenCritic: 92/100

gameinformer– 9.25/10

gamespot– 8/10

i dont do math, but i can tell a great score when i see one. are you ready to adventure in the witcher 3 world one last time ?  tell us what you tink in the comments below