Review : Bravely Default

platform : 3DS

Type : RPG

playtime : 59hs

Charachers Level : 80

Shall I buy it ? : YES


Advantages :

– this game classifying system is so cool !
– jobs ! You can choose whatever job you want for whatever character and also you can choose sub job and selected abilities from other jobs ! I really loved it you can build your own character – great story and super cool music !

– the most thing I liked was how to customize difficulty setting such as removing the guide cursor , forwarding the time , customizing random battle rate from so high to zero !

Disadvantages :
The loop and the loop and nothing but the loop -.-”

Conclusion :
If you’re final fantasy or RPG fan this game is a MUST , it’s actually final fantasy with hidden name ?. This game is well build for handheld , well done SE ! I can’t wait bravely second !