It’s Not Just VR, It’s VR + Batman!!


Have ever wonder what will you do if you look at the mirror and what you see isn’t yourself…. it is BATMAN!!!

Come on admit it, we all dreamed about being Batman at lest once … will dream no more because Playstation VR & Rocksteady are about to turn that dream into reality, ladies and gentlemen allow me to present to you Batman: Arkham VR:

the game was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference, developed by Rocksteady exclusively on PlaystationVR planed be a lunch title for PlaystationVR when it lunch in October.

If you played any of the previous Batman Arkham games before, than you’re familiar with the detective mode, this will be the focus of the game ,looking around for clues, finding the truth and solving mystery since you are The World’s Greatest Detective … you are BATMAN!

if you are hungry for more information, you can check out the playstation livechat with the developer down below